Where can you use your cartoon?

Whether you are looking for a gift that is unusual and unique or you simply want to express yourself in a creative way.
Let us give you some tips/tricks about using your cartoon.

    Print Anysize

Keep in Mind! You don’t lose any picture quality during enlargement.

Cartoons are delivered in vectoral PDF format, which lets you enlarge and print your photo-to-cartoon without losing image quality. You can use your own
printer at home or take your cartoon to a print shop and easily get it printed to any material of your choice.

If you don’t want to deal with printing, you can always select a material from our order pages for your cartoon to be printed on.

Photo To Cartoon Poster

A Unique Gift for him or her…

You can give a unique gift to the loved ones. Customized hand-made cartoons are special gifts that differ from others.
You can put your cartoon on frames, posters, mugs, t-shirts whatever you imagine.

Unique Gift for Him or Her
Unique Gift Mug

Express Yourself…

You can make your cartoon a profile picture, on social networks such as Myspace, Friendster etc. Make a difference and be unique.You can create an emoticon from your cartoon and use it on MSN, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. Send messages to your friends with an emoticon of yourself.

You can get it printed to a size that no one misses and hang on the wall of your house.

You can make customized stationery products from your cartoon to promote your business.

Myspace MSN Profile Layout