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IamCartoon is an online cartoon shop designed so you can get your photos cartoonized by professional artists. Choose one of the three cartoon services that we offer and submit your picture. We employ professional cartoonists who draw 100% hand-made pieces of cartoon art from your photos. Unlike other services, our service is not an automated process; we do not use any software or plug-ins that automatically transform photos into different styles.

We guarantee to deliver the cartoon within 72 hours, but on average it takes 24-48 hours.

The final product is delivered in PDF and jpeg format. In PDF format you don’t lose any picture quality during enlargement. Because the cartoons are vectoral you can print them onto any material (i.e. poster, t-shirts, mugs…) and in any size you want. With the Jpeg format you can use your cartoon in an internet environment on programs such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Friendster, and MySpace.

We provide 24 hour e-mail support through our Customer Service Center. Any questions regarding our services will be answered by our trained customer service agents. We also welcome our customers to send emails directly to us at customer.service at iamcartoon.com.


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